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I do not usually wear make-up because I do not like putting stuff around my eyes. Quite recently I have started to apply mascara. Do you have any easy make-up recommendations or tips for application?

For mascara, start by looking down to apply. It may be easier to hold a hand mirror underneath your eye to help you apply. Apply the mascara while you are looking down, and begin at the root of your eyelashes. Then wiggle the wand slowly to apply the mascara from root to tip. This is the absolute best way to prevent severe clumping. For your bottom lashes, wait a moment for the upper eyelash application to dry. Wiggle the mascara wand slowly through the lashes to get a full application. Just don’t overdo it, especially on the bottom, the end result could be scary haha! The best way to perfect it is to practice. So one night when you don’t have much to do, practice the technique.


Kat, you are beautiful. It's nice to be able to find someone who understands that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. And someone who is also a bsb fan!! Lol I swear you are my long lost best friend.

High 5!!!


do you curl your hair?
what products do you use??
my hair is pin straight, do you think using mousse after curling would hold it?

Check out my answer to the question below :)


Hey Kat! I just noticed that you have goregous curls in your picture, and I was wondering if you had in suggestions for me. I have naturally wavish fizzy hair, but everytime I curl it, about ten minutes later the curls fall out!! Do you know any tricks to keeping them?? Thanks. :)

Well thank you :) My hair is naturally curly, so most of the time I don’t curl it. If you’re refferring to the loose curls with a curling iron, I’m still perfecting that look haha. Check out one of my favorite videos from Blair, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41BdPWuZge4

And try Chi enviro flex hold hairspray. That’s my secret weapon!

And just practice practice practice! Also, be careful not to burn your hand. Sounds dumb but I’ve burned myself wayyy too many times haha!


hi kat (:
so, i used to be an extremely skinny person. it was gross i looked. randomly over the summer in 7th grade i started to gain weight, then i gained more in my stomach area. i now have a muffin top and love handles. i also wear a 36D bra size. no matter how much i workout it won't go away. since everyone was used to seeing me skinny, i started getting called fat a lot. and so now i wear baggy shirts to hide everything, because i have no self confidence anymore, i look like a bum. do you know any types of shirts that are stylish and would look good on me around the stomach area?

I feel your pain. It’s tricky because if your shirt is too baggy, it could make you look larger, and if it’s too tight, it accentuates things that you don’t want to be accentuated. Try looser tops, that are tighter around the chest and then flowy at the bottom. And just try everything on. If you’re not comfortable in it, don’t buy it. Try stores like Torrid and Forever 21’s plus size section. But remember, you could be wearing a burlap sack, but if you’re confident and comfortable in it, it could look like a million bucks :)


Hey Kat, I was wondering if you have ever tried any of the 'Yes to' products [Yes to Carrots, Cucumbers, or Tomatoes]? If you have, what did you think of them?! http://www.yestocarrots.com/

No I haven’t but I will! Have you tried them?

Be the best friend a girl could ask for.... ↘


i wasn't the person who asked the question haha, but we live near eachother, i'm in bensonhurst :)

Brooklyn pride!!


Regarding the earlier comments about Gentleman After Dark, I would just like to say that it's one of my favourite HS songs! Some fans HAVE made love before (in nothing but moonlight, on the beach, etc), and it's awesome to hear the boys actually sing about it. It's relevant, and it's hot.

Annnd if people can't listen to it because they get the giggles... maybe they should just skip this song, haha. Not to mention never turn on the radio EVER.

I literally heard things I’ve never heard in the song Tipsy.


How excited are you for Honor Society's new album? :D

beyondddd excited